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Faire Grandir la Startup Economy - Guardian NFT


📼 L'épisode #77 "Faire Grandir la Startup Economy" complet
🔰 Guardián officiel de Silicon Carne
💬 L'accès exclusif à “La Hacienda”
🌶 La gratitude éternelle du Gringo


Become a Guardián and join "La Hacienda" the ultra-private community of Silicon Carne fans!!!

By acquiring this unique and rare NFT, you become the official guardian of the episode #77 "Faire Grandir la Startup Economy". Thanks to you, the complete episode is now available eternally on the Internet in its original version, even if Silicon Carne chooses to remove it from its RSS feed..

This episode is now hosted on Arweave, a Decentralized Storage Network (link in the Details of this NFT).